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All year round, but especially over the New Year is the time that millions of people reaffirm their fitness and health oriented goals and resolutions.

It is for this reason that it has never been easier to start a business within the health and fitness niche. With a market size of over $100 billion dollars in the U.S. alone, the health and fitness industry is set to enjoy significant growth year after year.

We have made it super easy to instantly target this fanatical niche by offering awesome printable products such as journals, planners, motivational tools and graphics to help your customers stay focused, positive and succeed. 

Our premium bespoke design templates will allow you to straight away begin monetizing your content with a variety of different options from selling Print on Demand goods such as selling t-shirts, mugs and phone cases to downloadable printable items such as planners, card decks and journals.

Commercial Use Rights are included, which means you have complete control over editing, rebranding, publishing, and monetizing all of this amazing content.

This Is A Bespoke Collection Of Premium Fitness Material That Will Easily Sell Over And Over Again. Simply Rebrand, Sell And Profit!

Here is a sneak peak at everything you are getting in this premium bundle… 

10 Hand Drawn Health and Full Color graphics in high resolution PNG files. 

These include a Commercial Use license which allows you to use the illustrations to create other products such as coloring pages, books, printables and stickers. 

This versatile health and fitness planner will help your customers get started to keep track and plan out their fitness goals and accomplishments.

Your clients will use this printable to plan their fitness goals, log workouts, track sleep, calories, habits, plan healthy meals, groceries, and so much more.

Everything they need to get fit and take their health to the next level!

The planner is supplied in PowerPoint, PDF and docx format

5 Planner Covers and 3-D Ecover Versions

This selection of aesthetically pleasing covers can be used in combination with both your planner and journal templates.  Feel free to amend and edit the designs in Powerpoint as much as you want.

Also included are 3-D versions of the covers to create a more polished and professional look when your customers are selling their planner and journals.

The 2-D covers are supplied in PowerPoint, png and pdf format.

The 3-D Ecovers are supplied in png format. 

5 High Quality Weight Loss Articles

5 high quality articles that can be used online for your blog and more! Subjects include:

  • Stop Wasting Time and Start Losing Weight
  • You Can Achieve Weight Loss Success
  • Follow These Weight Loss Tips To Make Your Goals A Reality
  • Here are some fitness ideas that can help you keep a healthy body
  • Become a fitness pro by learning from the pros
Articles are supplied in txt format

12 Quote Card Deck

16 different affirmations with thought provoking statements that are meant to be repeated and said aloud.  These cards will give your clients their daily boost of positivity whenever they need and wherever they are. 

These card decks are supplied in PowerPoint, pdf and png format.

10 Royalty Free Images

This set of professional and impactful images can be used by your customers in social media campaigns, articles and blog posts, presentations, videos and more!

Images are supplied in jpeg format.

These social media templates will allow your clients to easily create MONTHS of social media content for their businesses and can be resized to be used on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more!

These creative seamless pattern designs can be used to create even more printable products such as planner, journal and work books covers.

100+ Keyword List

You may have the most amazing product but if nobody can find you then it is worthless.  This super helpful list of relevant and niched down keywords will make it so easy for you and your clients to target the right audience for your end products. 

All of the arduous and time consuming research has been done for you here!

But Wait! Don’t Forget These Important Bonuses To Help You On Your Way!

Bonus 1 – The Secrets of Pinterest Marketing Guide

From This guide, you will learn the secrets for using Pinterest to generate hordes of viewers to any page you want!

You will gain the essential knowledge on how to use Pinterest and this guide will take you from a novice to an experienced user with a full plan of attack.  You’ll be armed with unrivalled knowledge of the platform and you’ll be poised and ready to become a real 

force to be reckoned with on the platform. 

Bonus 2 – Instagram Secrets Guide

This is a Step-by-step training guide that will take you by the hand and teach you how to effectively target your desired audience & 

communicate visually with your fans, followers and customers

Bonus 3 – Underground Facebook Tactics

This training guide will teach you the best ways to promote on Facebook.

It also gives you step by step instructions, so you can engage in Facebook marketing with a higher than average chance of success.


This is a huge collection of quality content for you to use to create a unique product that stands out from the crowd. 

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Over 126 Pieces of Premium Content For $97 

Here’s A Last Recap Of What You Will Receive!

The terms of the Commercial Use license can be seen below

What You CAN Do:

What You CANNOT Do:

PLEASE NOTE: No Commercial Use rights are provided for the Bonus Guides included in this product 

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